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Your trusted partner in Small & Large
Format Printing.

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Unmatched Quality & Precision
in Large Format Printing

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering exceptional quality and precision in every project. We understand the importance of creating visually stunning and durable prints that effectively communicate your brand message. Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques ensure that your large format prints stand out, whether they're displayed at a trade show, retail space, or outdoor event.

Customised Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

We work closely with clients from a diverse range of industries, including architecture, entertainment, travel, retail, art, design, and more. Our bespoke printing solutions cater to each client's unique requirements, ensuring the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. From eye-catching billboards and exhibition displays to sophisticated signage and promotional materials, Graphic Point is your one-stop-shop for all your large format printing needs.

Sustainable Practices & Eco-Friendly Materials

At Graphic Point, we’re dedicated to reducing our environmental impact by utilising sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials. We use water-based inks, recyclable substrates, and energy-efficient production methods to create stunning prints with minimal environmental impact. Choose Graphic Point for environmentally responsible large format printing solutions that don’t compromise on quality.


We offer a range of exceptional large format printing services, including captivating event graphics, stunning floor and wall designs, mesmerizing hoardings, seamless installations, impactful office branding, attention-grabbing Out-of-Home advertising, and compelling retail graphics. Your vision comes to life with precision and impact through our top-notch printing solutions.